Single Crystal Diamond Dies

For fine wire and ultra fine wire applications demanding a superior wire surface finish, nothing performs better than a single crystal natural or synthetic diamond die from PARTH Diamond Die.

Poly-Di® Polycrystalline Diamond Dies

When die life and wire production efficiency take precedent over wire surface finish, consider a Poly Di wire die.

Tungsten Carbide Dies

PARTH Diamond Die manufactures its tungsten carbide dies with expert technology and precision craftsmanship that promise the kind of reliable performance you expect.


As a result of latest improvements in synthetic single crystal diamond dies production. This product is suitable for the same applications as natural diamond dies.

Shaped Dies

Shaped dies are dies with any shape to transform round (or shaped wire) to shaped wire.

Bunching / Stranding Dies

Dies used to guide and/or form wires entering, moving through, and/or exiting bunching and stranding machines.

Tubing dies

Dies used to reduce the outer dimension of a tube are called sink dies. Dies used to reduce the wall thickness of tubing and at the same time reduce the outer dimension of the tubing are called floating plug dies.

Matched Elongation Die Sets

Optimize the performance efficiency of your high-speed, multiwire drawing operation with breakthrough science from PARTH Diamond Die.

Extrusion Tools

Continuous improvement in our production process and the increasing requirements of our customers, help us to develop products of the highest quality.

Die Room Equipment & Accessories

Recut, polish and inspect your own wire dies to maximize die life and uphold your wire quality specifications with a complete line of die room equipment and accessories from PARTH Diamond Die.

EDM Wire Cut Nozzle

PARTH DIAMOND DIE has developed wire guides for EDM Machines. Standard and customized designs are supplied in both Brass & Stainless steel bodies.